We understand the challenges of running a clothing business in today's climate.
We are here to do three things:
1. Save you lots of money
2. Make the process hassle free and easy
3. Give you flexibility with production times and minimum orders.

Here are just a few of our customer responses:

Just received my shipment today. The labels are just beautiful!
Diana Lakey
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thanks for working with me to get my art work in shape for my labels. I could not have done this myself.
Thank you so much.
Sherri Goodman
San Francisco, California

I know you didn't have much time to work with, but you guys really pulled through. Thanks for the 2 day
rush on my order.
Felicia Morris
Bedford, Texas

You guys did a wonderful job on these labels. Thanks so much for answering my many questions I had.
Rob Taffey
New York, New York

Just got the printed labels in---they are beautiful!
Erik Martin
Springfield, Massachusetts

This was my 3rd time ordering labels and I have to had it to you, it was never this easy before...
Sheila Ramos
Macon, Georgia

Thank you SO much for getting my labels out so quick. Just got them in today.
Libby Hernandez
Brooklyn, New York

We will be doing business again soon. Thanks for the great work!
Penni Burk
Chicago, Illinois

I am new to this business and you really helped me out. Thanks for taking the time to educate me.
Zoe McConnon

I just got the labels in and my logo looks awesome. I have never seen this type of work before.
Kim Phyo
Los Angeles, California

Questions? Call us
813-966-1649 or email us info@wovenlabelsource.com
Clothing labels
Clothing labels
Clothing labels