Apparel Label Categories: Where to Put Information on Clothing Tags

You may have an idea of the steps involved with creating your first custom clothes
label---the artwork, the label construction and type, the
folding---but now you have
the logo, the sizing, the care contents, and the production place of origin to
consider. If you have each apparel label custom designed, you will be overwhelmed
with proofs and with costs. Remember, most garment label sources require
minimums, and the minimums can add up costs and complexity vary quickly.

The major pieces of information to consider for each line of
printed satin labels or
woven apparel labels is the following:

  • Logo/brand name
  • Clothing size
  • Care instructions
  • Production place of origin.

There are several strategies available for combining information. The easiest is to
combine the production place of origin information with the care label information.
This strategy alone can save hundreds of dollars in production costs. Please see a
visual layout of folding types to get a better idea.

Sizing is tricky, because you may have a need for many different clothing fabric
labels due to the number of sizes your clothing line has. If you have just a few sizes,
if may be more cost effective to have the sizing information placed on the
logo/brand label or on the care label. Oftentimes care labels are more inexpensive,
so the solution to place sizing onto the care label may be the best decision.

If you have
many clothing sizes, there are firms available that can provide ready
made generic size labels and sometimes care labels very inexpensively.
Understand your choice of size label dimensions, colors, or yarn types may be
limited, but this is an effective method for drastically reducing costs. The same may
be said for content labels, if your clothing line is made up of common fabric with no
unusual instruction requirements.

Finally, you can order a mid-fold for your logo/brand clothing fabric labels and put
the care contents on the opposite (back) side of the label. A mid-fold may be a
perfect solution for combining large amounts of information onto one clothing label,
but again, it very much depends on your preferences and requirements.

When ordering clothing labels, create a plan beforehand as to how grouping
information can save complexity, times, and costs. It will prevent many hassles!
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