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Custom Woven Clothing Labels Vs.  Printed
Clothing Apparel Labels: Deciding which label
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Folding Options for Woven Tags

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Woven Labels Source understands the challenges of     
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  • Save you money---30-50% or more
  • Save you time with its hassle-free and easy
  • Increase your efficiency with quick custom
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Custom fabric labels starter---Take a quick assessment of your needs below.
Woven labels
Woven labels are woven from scratch on very large digitally operated looms. Your artwork is actually
transformed from a digital file to a 100% woven product. Most of these custom woven products are made
of polyester fibers. Though there are several types of labeling products available, we automatically
upgrade each order to high definition woven damask.
This type of label is about the highest quality the textile market has to offer. The threads are extremely fine
and very tightly woven, so very smooth edges and fine detail of your artwork can be captured. As far as
scratchy surfaces, these type of woven products are much softer than lower grade, less dense fabric such
as taffeta.

The edges are commonly finished with the “hot cut” method. The labels are woven on large sheets and
then cut with a hot wire. This method seals the edges, allowing for fray proof sewing. Another finishing
option is the ultrasonic cut, where the edges are cut with high frequency sound waves. This type of cutting
allows for a super soft edge. There is also an expensive “woven edge” option ---this is recommended for
extremely small labels of smaller than 0.5” in height.    

For the artwork, always keep in mind that your images need to be relatively simple. That is, two
dimensional with very clear cut solid lines. Artistic details like shading and color gradients are possible with
the printed clothing labels, but not with the woven

We give you up to 8 colors, with free US shipping, and free layouts configuration with two free corrections.

Custom Woven patches
Custom patches are essentially woven labels that are cut into novelty shapes with a laser. In order to allow
for ease of sewing, a stiff fabric backing is affixed to the back of the product. If you are looking to save a
lot of money, we offer these custom patches at a fraction of of the cost of traditional embroidered patches.
You can get 100% coverage at no extra charge as well. These are particularly useful for serving as
permanent external "billboards" for you garment, shoe, handbag, or backpack. Very sturdy and built to last.

Printed clothing labels
If you have elaborate artwork, texts, or images that cannot be woven with meaningful resolution, then
consider going with printed fabric labels. There is a tremendous amount of creative license with color and
form you can take going this route. Furthermore, we have very low minimums of 50, so you have the
freedom to experiment with your design and mix and match colors and sizes without having to commit to a
large investment.   

There are a myriad of printed fabrics to choose from, including the following;
1. satin
2. cotton
3. tyvek
4. faux suede
5. leather
6  Jackron

Satin and cotton
are extremely popular choices many of our customers make in tag selection. The type
of textile technology employed is cutting edge and so you are sure to be amazed at the quality, depth, and
resolution of your artwork. If you have your own version of Picasso, send it over and we will shrink it to the
size of a thumbnai in full splendor detail and color depth. The printed art and text are fully washable and
are very long lasting (fade resistant).

The satin labels are available in mid fold or straight cut, while the cotton tags are available with endfolds
(to defer fraying) and mid fold.

Tyvek is a very durable coasted nylon fabric that is a wonderful low cost alternative. For comparison, think
of the labels on a mattress or a pillow that are almost impossible to rip off. This is example of tyvek. While
providing a good value, they are scratchy and not for every application. Contact us to see if this type of
fabric is a good fit for your project.

Faux suede labels are an exciting new project our engineers have rolled out. These items are made of
microfiber ultra suede and have a soft, yet upscale furry texture. These are ideal for items that will not be
exposed to high friction environments such as handbags, coats, or scarves. Fast turn around

leather labels are also new products in textile technology. We can actually print,engrave,hot  
embossing very fine detail on a few as 10 labels. Keep in mind that the artwork and text do need to be
dark so that the print will show up on the dark leather.

Jackron is an interesting material composed of pulverized recycled leather remnants that are pressed
together. You are familiar with the Levi's jean lines with the papery leather-like tag near the belt line---this
is Jackron leather. The texture resembles a thick, fibrous, tear-resistant like paper. It is an excellent low
cost choice for both standard leather alternatives as well as for hang tags. It is very durable, and with it's
flat surface, can handle very fine artwork detail.
woven tags
Custom patch
What are your needs?
Woven labels
Clothing Labels
Woven Patches
Small Minimums of 50+
Minimums of 500 to
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photo-quality art, with
shading---Like a photograph
You have a 2-D flat logo with
no more than 8 colors
You have need for a tag in a
unique shape, e.g. star,
flower, circle
You are in a rush---tags
needed in less than 12-15
business days

Absolutely perfect!  Thank you so very much.

Julie Johnson
Zoe grace maternity

I picked up the labels earlier today and just opened
the box.  I must say - they are absolutely
GORGEOUS!!!  The packaging is perfect, the fabric
and print is done with great quality - I am truly
delighted with them!  Thank you so much (I must say
I was a bit apprehensive opening them, not knowing
what to expect.  I had my business partner on the
phone and she was like "open it, open it!").  

Have a great weekend,
Carmella - American Beauty Apparel

I recieved the labels.  They look fantastic!  Thank

Nicole  Mokri

Just wanted to let you know that I received the
labels and I love them!
Thank you for all your help.

Marcy Ruhl

I was out of town, so I just picked up my labels.  I just
want to let you know that I think they look really
great.  I am very pleased with the way they turned

Thank you very much for all your help,


Kari Curtis Maron
La Paloma Boutique

Got the labels, they look great!

Robin Rowe

The labels arrived today and I am very happy.  The
colors turned out great and the logo stands out well.  
Thank you very much.

Nicola Gagliardo

I have the labels and I love them...the detailing is
great, we will be doing business again very soon

Mario Smith

Labels arrived today and they are absolutely
beautiful! Thank you so much for all your efforts!

Aurora Raiskinen-Kujanen
Revelations Ltd

Thank you for making this process flow smoothly.  
You've made this experience a pleasant one.  I will
do business with your organization again, thanks to
your great customer service and your organization's

Jarrett Boykins
Boyking Apparel, LLC

Just want to tell you Thank you…Love the
tags…Perfect…  Just what we wanted. Customer
service A+…Product A+.  Please let me know of any
specials you may have in the future.  I have added
you to my preferred vendor list.
Thanks again for the perfect shopping experience.

Blaze1 Sales and Operations Manager
Woven Garment Tags
- SAVE 30-50% on Custom Woven Tags for Clothes:
  • Choice of satin, damask, or taffeta
- SAVE 30-50% on Woven Patches and Laser-Cut Emblems
- Hang tags customized for your specific needs.
Printed Clothing Labels Using Breakthrough Technology
Made in the USA
  • Turn any image into an 64,000 color upscale clothes tag masterpiece
  • We can print most fabrics, including cotton, rayon, satin, leather, ultra suede,and tyvek
  • Minimum order 10 pieces with rush order
  • Minimum order 50 pieces with standard shipping

In the US, many companies have chosen to work with us and have experienced excellent results.
Read consumer feedback here
According to your needs, we can:
A)  Manufacture your current custom tag for clothing or woven label design
B)  Create a new custom clothing tag and design

All you need to do is contact us and tell us what you would like for your custom clothing labels.  
Email us a graphic or digital photo of your custom
clothing tags.  We will then get back with you
with helpful input to help your project get forward at the lowest price in the industry!
We offer outstanding professional service and quality with emphasis on:
  • The most competitive pricing in the industry for your garment label needs
  • Outstanding turnaround service for standard and emergency orders
  • Free assistance with clothes label art design---your satisfaction guaranteed

Email us at
info@wovenlabelsource.com with your graphic or digital photo and we can do the rest
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Woven Label Source supplies Clothing Labels, Woven Labels, Printed Labels for the garment
and apparel industry.
We offer top quality high density ( 50 denier ) clothing labels, printed satin labels, woven care
labels, and apparel hang tag carton tags with many options.
Contact us for all your woven garment label questions and our expert clothing label specialist will
answer all your label for clothing or label for garment questions.
We specialize in affordable clothing tag labels available in damask woven labels, satin woven
labels, taffeta woven labels, adhesive clothing labels, iron-on woven and printed labels,
personalized woven labels.

Damask woven labels for clothing :
Damask clothing woven labels are used mainly for detailed woven labeling. The thread are thin
on woven for the best clothing woven details product.

Satin woven Labels for garment :
Satin clothing woven labels has shinny glossy ground. This  quality good for toys, under wears,
kids clothing. However, density low than high definition labels ( 50 denier )

Taffeta woven Labels for clothing:
Taffeta woven labels are more economic labeling. Because density really low. If you are looking
for economy way any if you have simple design or only texts, this is the an option.

Hang Tags for Clothing :
We produce various printed hang tags for t shirts and jackets.

Printed Clothing labels:
We produce satin, cotton printed clothing labels.

Here’s a list of custom woven clothing labels we produce:
Self adhesive ( temporary ) Woven Clothing Labels
Apparel Woven and Printed Labels
Care woven labels
Size Labels Woven and printed
Children Woven Labels
High density ( 50 denier ) Damask Woven Clothing Labels
Furniture Woven Labels
Industrial Woven Labels
Woven Shoe Labels
Pet Custom Woven Labels
Personalized Woven Clothing Labels
Printed Clothing Labels
Printed Clothing Hang Tags
Promotional Marketing Woven
Logo Labels
Satin Custom Woven Clothing Labels
Sports Woven Labels
Taffeta Custom Woven Labels
Woven Ribbon Labels
Iron-on backing woven or printed labels for garment.
500 pieces $130.00/1,000 pieces $170.00
including shipment/ High density
50 denier, up to 3 color
Basic price starting
1000 pieces $245.00
Basic price starting
500 pieces $165.00
starting $38.00
starting $85.00
Printed Clothing Label
Basic price starting
400 pieces $165.00
fast turn around
  • FREE Consulting and customer service
  • FREE Professional artwork assistance
  • FREE World-wide shipping
  • FREE Upgrade to high definition damask
New to this process and don't know where to start? We have a ton of very helpful
resources and articles to help you get started with the clothing tags ordering process.
Relax and click here for our extensive
learning resource center.
Printed Woven Charm Clothing Label
do it yourself
OR WOVEN Labels, Patches?
We will help ! Email us, we are in USA
Did you forget to tell  need iron-on backing to
your current supplier can not help you?
Maybe they are over sea manufacturer !
We will cover, modify your current labels with
iron-on backing!
Send us picture of your label and dimensions,
let us give you quote !
woven tags
We are in the business for over 30 years and have shipped custom printed or
woven clothing tags  to
New Jersey, NYC (New York), California, Florida,
Texas, Boston, Puerto Rico
and all States, as well as Europe, Australia, New
Hang Tags
White ink ( or any color ink ) printed satin,
available for all kind color dark ground base satin and cotton surface
100% Made in the USA
Charm Woven and Printing  Clothing Labels